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The evenings are slowly but surely getting lighter, and in 6 weeks time it will be almost time to put the clocks forward ready to introduce Spring. Now is as good a time as any to start decluttering your wardrobe ready to make way for Spring. In this post we will be exploring the four must haves for Spring 2019 that you will need in your wardrobe. 


By the time the spring rolls around you won't be need your thermals and your big, thick insulated coats. A simple, casual, light jacket should suffice in the Spring season. We have some great selections at Henry Brummel here is our top pick the Emporio Armani EA7 Bomber Jacket, £105.


Sweatshirts are the perfect Spring staple as they offer warmth on milder Spring days that allows you to the ditch the jacket. Sweatshirts allow you to layer without going overboard and offer casual style and comfort. Our sweatshirt collection is HUGE at Henry Brummel and our top pick for Spring is this basic but stylish Lacoste Sweatshirt in Black, £45. 


When we're talking about Spring, let's not get carried away we will still need to keep warm at times. A gillet is the perfect outerwear accessory for Spring, it offers that extra layer without overwhelming. There are so many different designs and styles of gillet, however we recommend a simple yet stylish gillet like the C.P. Company Gillet in Total Eclipse at Henry Brummel for £185.


If you're lucky this Spring you may get the opportunity to leave the house in just a short sleeved t shirt, but we like to be realistic and recommend stocking up on the long sleeved tees for the Spring season. We have so much on offer in our Winter sale right now at Henry Brummel including our top long sleeved polo tee from Paul & Shark for £50.

That is all for our Spring staples, if you didn't already know, we have a HUGE sale on right now at Henry Brummel with up to 75% discount on almost EVERYTHING! Make sure you grab yourself a bargain and fill up that Spring wardrobe at a discount before the sale ends!