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Menswear In Demand: Can Brands Keep Up?


The increase and overtake of menswear in the luxury industry versus women has been evolving at rapid speed. Menswear used to be a very basic and staple industry that provided more conventional than contemporary. Over the last decade menswear has started developing more intense trends that may only last a season, instead of the traditional trends in menswear that usually last a decade. 

In fact, luxury menswear has become a market that has become more profitable than ever and has taken over the luxury women's fashion market. Millenial men are the driving force behind this astonishing take over and brands are working tirelessly to provide and develop new styles and collections to suit the rising demand in menswear. 

It is being heavily researched but there is no surprise that menswear is thriving in this millenial and digital age. Men are growing more and more conscious of the way that they look and what they buy. The menswear market is subsequently seeing growth and profits of almost £20 billion in the UK alone. 

Another reason the luxury menswear fashion market is growing so rapidly is thanks to women being more interested in fast fashion brands, something that is reflected onto the women's market by influencer marketing that is taking the fashion world by storm. More women want more for less, and seeing their favourite celebs and even royalty wearing high street retailers on social platforms is pushing more and more women away from the luxury market in favour of fast fashion brands. 

So what can we expect from the luxury fashion market for menswear? 

The growth spurt is predicted to only grow further, in fact in half a decade the luxury menswear industry is predicted to be around 5 times more profitable than it is in 2019 - which is astounding, luxury fashion brands listen up! Men are already proven to be more willing to part with more money on clothes than women, and this again, is estimated to only continue as influence marketing continues to thrive. 

Luxury footwear brands are set to benefit too, and yet again, men are set to dominate as the consumer of luxury footwear in the next five years too.