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We have recently had many new additions to our Aquascutum collection, so a brand review was obvious to follow. Here at Henry Brummel we are big fans of Aquascutum and with good reasons, their range features diversity, great quality and many stylish pieces. 

Born and bred in Britain, the Aquascutum brand was first developed in Mayfair, London with a focus on tailoring back in 1851. From the very beginning, founder Jon Emery, was focused on and determined to push the boundaries when it came to technical innovation and fine craftsmanship in tailoring and fashion. This ethos carried through to Jon Emery's biggest breakthrough two years after opening, by creating the first patented waterproof textile. This innovation lead to the name of the brand 'Aquascutum' - which means 'water shield' in Latin.

The brand's platform continued to grow, and eventually their very first flagship store relocated onto Regent Street in 1895. Following the brands success, Aquascutum's first royal client, King Edward VII, bought a coat from the brand, ordering in the Prince Of Wales Check. This lead to an ongoing relationship with the royal family and Aquascutum. 

Eventually, in 1900 women's outerwear was added to the collection, due to popular demand. This addition saw Aquascutum gain many more famous fans, but in the political circle, including Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Aquascutum has continued to create elegance and class in all of their brand pieces, and kept up with ongoing trends like the trench coat, which Aquascutum actually popularised in the first world war. 

Today, Aquascutum offers a fantastic range of stylish and durable garments, that offer practicality as well as style. Both men and women can benefit from their ever growing collections. Aquascutum have developed as a brand into more than just a Mayfair tailor in the past almost 170 years but the ethos has remained the same. Technical innovation and fine craftsmanship continues to be the forefront of the brand and it really shows through their must have collections.

You can shop the autumn/winter collection at Henry Brummel right now or go on to read our top picks from their range