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Men’s Fashion for Winter - Layering

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Winter is here and it presents a great opportunity for you to showcase your wardrobe. Even if your wardrobe is limited you can create some great, varied and stylish looks using layering.

You can mix and match different clothes, colours, textures and styles using just a few key pieces. Imagination and creativity are everything when it comes to layering - Here are a few tips to get you started.

Layering - Men’s Winter Fashion

Bring out that shirt you wore during summer and let’s throw on a sweat top with a great jacket to top it off.

Layering is simply wearing more than one item of clothing on top of another item and if you feel too hot simply strip a layer off. Layering gives you the opportunity to look sharp and take a plain item of clothing and make it part of a unique outfit.

Try mixing and matching different items and don’t be afraid to experiment.

You can basically divide your layers into three classifications.

  • Base Layers this is your first line of defence when it comes to layering your clothes and consists of T-shirts, shirts, and undershirts. You can combine more than one base layer for instance an undershirt and a dress shirt - It all depends on your preferences and how cold it is!
  • Middle Layers like sweaters, waistcoats, cardigans and denim jackets should fit comfortably over your base layers, try not to go for something too bulky for your middle layers.
  • Top Layers are you coats, blazers and jackets and this is the crowning piece. You want to have your lightest layers of fabrics closer to your body and the much heavier or thick ones on top. You can also add a colourful scarf, a statement hat or even a man bag to create a really stylish and unique look.

Never wear so many layers that you feel suffocated or your movement is restricted, find the perfect balance and coordinate the colours and fabrics so you always look sharp.

One general rule about layering is if you can’t wear the layers alone then don’t add it to your outfit. If you have to take off any of the layers you still need to look on point.

This Is the season to be creative - If your wardrobe needs refreshing or you’d just like to add to your favourite men’s winter clothing pieces then take a look around our website. You will find plenty to use for your layering experiment and right now we have a big sale on! 

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