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Perfect For Spring - Armani Jeans 8N6B51 Down Jacket 6NJMZ 1200 Reversible Black Jacket


Spring is coming, and we have some great outwear for you this season at Henry Brummel including this stylish yet practical Armani Jeans reversible jacket.


  • It’s reversible so you have two styles in one, the first style is a black nylon puffer jacket and the second is navy with logo branded lining.
  • Two full zip up pockets on the waist.
  • The padding is 30% duck feathers and 70% duck down.
  • Elasticated cuffs and waistband.
  • The Armani badge logo branding is on the arm of the black side and the navy side has all over Armani branding.
  • Comes with a nylon bag that the coat folds into for smaller storage.
  • The jacket has a hood and is waterproof.


Overall the jacket is a great choice and an all rounder when it comes to style thanks to the two reversible shades of black and navy that go with just about any outfit. This jacket has a real luxury feel as it is padded with duck feathers and duck down, which will keep you warm during the colder days and as a result feels like you’re walking inside a cosy duvet!The two zip up pockets on the waist are deep enough and secure enough to store all necessities like keys, a wallet and a mobile phone and the full zips ensure safety of the items too. The coat is waterproof and hooded to stop you from getting caught out in bad weather and comes with a nylon bag for smaller storage which is great for packing in a suitcase and keeping the coats exterior from damage. 

You can buy this jacket at half price right here from the Henry Brummels Store

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