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The Versatility of Black Jeans

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Black jeans are like a blank canvas. They can be dressed up or down and go with practically everything. When you don’t know what to wear, choose the black jeans. You can’t go wrong.

Jeans come in different types no matter their colour. As if jeans weren’t versatile enough, having different types makes them even better to highlight or hide your body type.

4 Types of Jeans

1. Skinny - if you’ve got legs like Jagger, go for it

2. Slim - want the skinny look but have heavier thighs

3. Tapered - wider in the waist and gradually taper in

4. Straight - creates a clean line from the top to bottom by hiding larger waists and legs

Check out True Religion’s black jeans if you’re in the market for a new pair.

Shirts to Wear with Black Jeans

Black Shirts

The monochromatic look of a black shirt and black jeans is cooler than cool. It is also one of the easiest combinations around. For a casual look, go with skinny jeans. If you want a more formal look, choose slim or straight black jeans.

Choose your shoes based on your shirt choice. Black loafers keep things formal. For a street vibe, go with black or white trainers like these from Bjorn Borg or Diadora Heritage. Although, these black boots by R.M. Williams fit the bill too.

White Shirts

A classic white t-shirt or a crisp white oxford, a white shirt and black jeans is another timeless combo.

Just Cavalli has a selection of white t-shirts with a simple logo to larger designs. A solid white t-shirt kicks up the classic look a bit. T-shirts with larger designs creates a casual feel.

For white oxfords, Lacoste has a selection of sure to please.

Coloured Shirts

This is where the versatility of the black jeans comes into play. Any colour shirt can be paired with black jeans. The wide selection of oxford shirts from Paul & Shark creates endless combinations of looks.

Black jeans can adapt to a solid colour shirt or a print. They are that awesome.

Black Jeans and Shoes

The obvious choice of shoes to go with black jeans would be black shoes - And you are correct. The variety of black shoes speak to the look you are going for.

A classic desert boot like those from Clarks create a clean line, even if your jeans gather a bit at the ankle. Or go for it with a pair of colourful Rainbow Mephisto's to contrast and liven up things.

Brown Shoes - Oh No You Didn’t

Yes, you can, but very carefully. Here’s how it can work. Keep the look casual (no dressy brown loafers please) and make sure you have another brown piece of clothing in your outfit. For example a brown jumper, Paul & Shark have a great selection of Blouson Jackets and knitwear that would create a nice balance.

Black jeans are second only to blue denim jeans. They have created their own niche in men’s fashion and can be used to create a variety of styles. Make sure you have a pair in your wardrobe for those times when chinos and denim don’t fit the bill. 

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