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Mephisto Shoes

Sizing Note - All Mephisto shoes on Henry Brummel website are sized in UK sizes.


Martin Michaeli left home, in France, at the age of 21 to move to the USA to pursue his career as a manager, fuelled with ambition and determination. He remained in the USA for six years before he returned to France to establish the Mephisto brand. From his sheer dedication to create a global brand, Michaeli managed to establish one that was recognised globally for its quality and styles, offering customers shoes that always maintained the highest of standards and comfort features.

Michaeli applied for his first patent of shoes in 1973, using unique manufacturing methods to create his exceptional shoes. By 1975, just two years later, Mephisto had become recognised worldwide as the trend for casual shoes and sport shoes grew. This concept of having casual shoes that would be suitable for both sporting activities as well as casual occasions, allowed Michaeli to establish the 'Originals' designs.

By 1998, Mephisto had a fantastic range of 600 models of shoes, which included specialised shoes used suitable for orthopaedic retail in the Mobils range. However, even after all of the success of the Mephisto brand, Michaeli didn't lose his determination and endeavours to improve his brand as he continued to innovate the footwear market. In 2002 he introduced the Allrounder range of Mephisto shoes which offered an exceptional range of outdoor boots, loved by all ages. Just a year later, in 2003, Mephisto introduced a sportswear collection, ideal for sporty, hectic lifestyles. Furthermore, Mephisto introduced all of their shoes with the innovative technology of Soft-Air Technology, and with worldwide advertisements, this feature became a distinguishing characteristic within Mephisto boots and shoes.


This robust MEPHISTO men’s shoe is especially comfortable to wear: the combination of soft leather upper, breathable inner lining and an incredibly resistant sole make this shoe particularly versatile and comfortable. The speed-lacing system and the padded shaft edge ensure that the foot fits in the shoe securely, comfortably and easily. The integrated SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY reduces hard impacts to an absolute minimum, ensures soft, stress-free walking and guarantees a healthy foot climate.