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Lacoste is one of those rare companies that has managed to achieve the difficult task of crossing over from a sportswear based company into the mainstream of high-end fashion. Founded in 1933, Lacoste began life making tennis shirts with a distinctive crocodile logo that quickly became popular on the fashionable courts of Europe. In addition, Lacoste also produced shirts for golf and sailing. In 1952 the shirts were exported to the USA and advertised as ‘the status symbol of the competent sportsman’. Although not the catchiest of advertising strap lines, the brand took off and Lacoste made the jump into the mass market.

In 1963, Bernard Lacoste took over the management of the company from his father and the company saw significant growth under his leadership. He realised that smart casual wear with its roots firmly in sports was becoming increasingly popular as a generation started to break loose from the shackles of a suit and tie. During the next 25 years, Lacoste introduced a diverse range of products into its range, all resplendent with that distinctive crocodile logo.

In the 21st Century, Lacoste hasn’t been sitting idly back and letting past glories stop them from developing new and innovative designs. The basic stalwarts are still there – the sporty, casual ranges ideal for everyday wear. But Lacoste is now much more than just tennis shirts or sailing tops. Lacoste is an entire lifestyle brand, dedicated to those who enjoy being active, comfortable and smart – a St Tropez lifestyle without having to have a St Tropez income to be able to afford a little bit of fashion luxury from a legendary design house.















UK Waist

30     =



3 S   40 M 15 3/4"   32     = 40
4 M   42 L 16.5"   33     = 42
5 L   44 XL 17.5"   34     = 44
6 XL   46 XXL 18.5"   36     = 46
7 XXL           38     = 48
8 3XL           40     = 50
9 4XL           42     = 52
 Please note that Lacoste is true to size.